The Perfect Cocktail for Business

The Perfect Cocktail conducts fruitful collaborations with companies, mass distributors, the hospitality sector and so on, creating specific tailor-made Limited Edition and Combo products.

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The Perfect Cocktail

The Perfect Cocktail is the first single-serving, ready-to-drink cocktail that allows you to enjoy a premium quality cocktail in any kind of situation: before, during and after dinner, at home and with friends, and even outdoors.

Thanks to the practicality of its packaging, The Perfect Cocktail combines flexibility and convenience with the premium quality of the product. To enjoy our ready-to-drink cocktail, just shake the package, cut the tab, and pour your drink into a glass over ice.

Each of the available items has required 5 years of research to reach an industrial patent that encloses the quality of Italian excellence, thanks to a team of experts that have made the exceptional quality level of the product possible.

The Perfect Cocktail ships and delivers across Italy and Europe, and is also present on the US market with its Negroni, Old Fashioned and Manhattan, which are distributed and sold exclusively by Total Wine&More.

Life may not always be perfect, but we guarantee that our cocktails are: just try one and see!

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